Raiden Taiko's Program for School and Smaller Groups

Drumming up Asian Awareness in Schools: leading an educational performance to connect children and their wider

The benefits of Taiko student personal development fun drum session.
• concentration
• coordination
• self control
• self awareness
• communication
• trust
• confidence and self worth
• cooperation and working as a group
• cultural awareness
• presentation skills

The idea is to let students directly experience the art of  taiko drumming in the familiar surroundings of their school gym. Up to 4-5 performers lead these hands-on workshop/show that showcase the world of Japanese taiko. Raiden Taiko hopes this experience serves to introduce young people to their own tradi-tional culture and perhaps even contribute in some small way to their own self-discovery.

Outline Assembly show. small taiko show and on hands workshop.
Time: 1 hour
Arrive at School at 10am, Raiden Taiko has 1 hour for load in, setup, warm up and go through sound check, and go quickly over school show.
Raiden Taiko Agenda
:Bring Odaiko, Okedo, Jouske, bachi, 2 shimie daiko  percussion box, stands, standup banner. Portable speaker, microphone, extension cord and
speaker & mic stand, Video camera, and SLR and tripod stand to video tape show. Business cards, bring 1 shirt or necklace to give away.
Raiden Taiko Educational performance will commence when all
students are sitting down..

Short intro: to Taiko Bayashi by Madisun before playing song.
Lance: History of Raiden Taiko and its meaning/  Description of Taiko
Madisun: names of each type of drum and its sound point out the different types of stands
Mary-anne: Explain bachi- kinds and make up
Explain 'kiai' and practice (not anger but energy)
Lance and Madisun: intro. and play "Distant Thunder"
Cathie: explain “Kuchishoga" saying the the drum hits. Talk about commitment of group and routine at practices to get to a high performance level
Student interaction time: 4 drums with 5 students behind each; Lance teach basic taiko stances, how to hold the bachi sticks and basic
Jurchi rhythm.
Teach loud to soft hitting. Second time around, end with kiai.Teach stu-dents orashi(drum roll) and then let them go back to seat.
Last Song: teach student participation to "Matsuri" Play "Matsuri" and “Ashura"
Pictures with students and Raiden Taiko group.
If time, short question and answer period, Otherwise thanks to
students and teachers.



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